Branding & Corporate Design

Translating your Brand Strategy and Mission Statement into a Corporate Design and positioning your brand while using best design concepts and aesthetic to create a character that fits you and your focus group -
That´s what branding is all about.

Clear and Clean Designs
using Math & Trends


Trends change, and so does society. It is therefor essential to keep your brand design up to date. Your USP is like no other, so there is no excuse for going down in the masses.


What never changes however, is what our brains believe to be "aesthetically fitting". Font families have their own characters such as colors and shapes do. And the golden ratio can be used to achieve harmony and balance in art and designs. At least one of these principles should be utilized while creating a Branding. Finding a harmonic composition and considering recent market trends while packing your entire mission statement into one single work of art is the main challenge in branding.