Angela Battlogg

Designer | Illustrator | Marketing Expert | Artist | Medium

I am a creative person and deep thinker with graphic design, finance and marketing background, I love communication design with focus on brand and corporate design as much as i love consumer behavior, psychology and quantum physics.

As a visual person, I also enjoy working as an illustration artist. Whether analogue with pencil, marker and brush, or digital with tablet and pen. My inspiration comes through meditations and my access as medium.



After 7 magical years in the sunny Thousand Oaks of California...


2001 - 2006 | Customer consulting and sales in the sports sector, later department management with staff management and cash and auditing support


2006 - 2011 | Banking education, client advisory and sales in finance, later assistance in residential mortgages, real estate valuations, land register and lien transactions


2011 - 2013 | Diploma education in graphic and marketing communication, 4 semesters, diploma with honors


2013 - 2018 | Head of Marketing & Creative Director, Marketing Management and ISO Quality Management


2018 - 2019 | Certified holistic healer education


2020 | Online education portal "The Empress" for Female Entrepreneurs on Spiritual and Business Growth, UK/AUT