Artwork by Angela Battlogg
Artwork by Angela Battlogg

Thank you for the flowers


I really appreciate your effort in trying to win me over with all your words and that sparkling smile. Thank you for agreeing with every goddamn thing I say and making me feel like a goddess.

And because of that, it is time for me to move on. There is nothing left to say, for all I hear you say is „yes“. But what I feel is you tearing on my soul. You think you are acting out of love, but it’s your fear of loss.

So please let go. You see, your „yes“ hurts me. It hurts to see you trying to hold on to something you cannot own. It hurts that you believe I can give you something that you cannot. It terrifies me to see your flame go out every time we seperate. You are attached to my soul, but you have lost connection to yours.

You call it love, but through your eyes and behind that radiant smile of yours, I see your terrified soul longing for more of this warming feeling of aliveness. But I am not here to fulfill you desires. I am not your teacher, but your awakener.

Express yourself.