Artwork by Angela Battlogg
Artwork by Angela Battlogg

You don´t need fixing, you need to love your broken parts.


Hey beautiful wake up.
It’s ok.
Welcome home.
I love you.

You don’t need to be forgiven.
You never did anything wrong in the first place.
I love you.

If you let me, I will hold you. Let me.
I love you.

Just know, when your face is long, the tears feel stuck, and lonliness is the only thing you can breathe—know in this moment, perhaps your actions didn’t align with your soul. With who you are. With what you want. That you’ve only made a choice—not a life sentence.
I love you.

Perhaps you’re making choices to hurt you, almost on purpose. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter.
I love you.

Just know, when something doesn’t feel right, it’s not a reason to beat yourself down with.
I love you.

That feeling, that hole, that anger, that sad, that pain—it’s a moment of honor, to acknowledge, and love on, and breathe into, and hold, and fall deeply in love with.

Hold it. Honor it. Love it.

But don’t you dare judge it.
Don’t you dare try to change it.
Don’t you dare hate any part of yourself for it.
For that piece is oh so important for each decision that follows.

And baby, it deserves love.
It deserves love.




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